Alejandra Rodríguez


Caracas, 1985.

My creative works have always emerged and are emerging in the present as a hobby, a need for expression. I didn’t study art and I’m not interested in being an artist. What I have been doing, for approximately 13 years, is fundamentally collage, encompassing possibilities that are part of an integral practice including photography, assemblage, installations, among others. Also evolving my own technique in a self-taught way.
My inspiration comes from researching topics on human nature, spirituality, psychology, surrealism and sometimes esotericism. They are always the result of intimate processes that lead to the opening of new languages for personal realization and knowledge.
As far as style is concerned, I am interested in washed colors and aged papers, I am inclined to compose with different textures that can coexist with each other in the same space, I am interested in patterns, scientific illustrations, botany, anatomy, medieval, the human body and its relationship with nature.

Instagram: @raracollage