Analy Trejo


Biographic Synthesis

Visual artist and independent researcher, graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes-Venezuela (2010), where she is currently a professor in the area of three-dimensional expressions. Her creative processes are deployed from different languages, having approaches to graphics, installation, video art, performance, photography and collage. Her work focuses on the body, objects and order. She has participated in collective exhibitions such as: 1er Salón Caroní (2007), Salón Mérida Foto (2015), Imago Mundi (2017), LATENTE (2018), Los del Espacio (2018-2019), 12 Propuestas (2019), Luces (2019) and Tierra de_Gracia (2019); all in the country where she lives. Her first individual exhibition, In-vestidos (2013), took place at Galería La Otra Banda, Mérida-Venezuela and her work is part of the Luciano Benetton Collection and the Beatrice Schnell Blohm Collection.

Artist Statement

The infinite and universal possibility of existence is something I like to think about. My work emanates from the desire to answer the constant questions of who I am, why “I” am I and not someone else, why am I in this place and not in another, or the tendency to see and think of myself and my surroundings (social, political and spatial). I feel that what I do brings me closer to an understanding of it. An understanding that is not only rational. It is corporal, creative and plastic. I seek to reinvent what I see, what I observe, what I know, what I am, what I feel, what I think and what I find in the environment.

Through my work I feel that I can reorder ideas, perceptions and intuitions and find pleasure in it. I feel that it is possible to raise an open discourse that touches on the themes of the body, the environment and order, without this meaning its representation, as I am interested in moving in another frequency, perhaps more analytical and intuitive.

In my creative processes I try to materialize ideas that are given from observation and intuition. Actions that I then try to make conscious. Most of the time the starting point is to put my own individuality in relation to the environment, to the immensity of the universe, to the reality that surrounds me or to physical concepts such as volume and space. On other occasions, everything starts from objects that I find and keep for as long as necessary until I manage to do something with them. Assigning them a new idea, enhancing some quality (formal or conceptual) from a particularity or the grouping of several objects, where I propose a new order.

Instagram: @analy_tica