Anthony Salazar

Anthony Salazar is a Venezuelan freelance photographer since 2010; he has achieved his knowledge in an individual, self-taught way. Since its beginnings he has been documenting the daily life of Caracas in analog and digital formats, also including smartphones, with his feature work in the Parroquia Sucre (Catia) and 23 de Enero. During these 10 years he has been able to make many shots, with a perspective of “Visual Diary”, where the daily life of many cities and towns of Venezuela have been documented.

It is important to mention that Anthony Salazar is the creator of © Caracas Caos, a platform that since 2011 has exhibited more than 4,000 photographs of the Venezuelan daily life, under a community of approximately 400 photographers, currently is of important relevance in social networks, being a reference for street and documentary photography in Venezuela.

He currently resides in the city of Buenos Aires where his photographic work is re-defined in the streets of that great city, giving meaning to the banal through light.


Instagram : @anthonysalazar__ / @caracascaos

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