Antón Ceballos


Born in Caracas in 1988. He graduated as an architect from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the UCV in 2013.

Cultivating the intention of creating his own language, he develops a collection of personal work understood as a journal of objects and analogical photographs that he formalizes by creating DÍADA (2015), an experimental platform for the production of experience design, which he is forced to leave aside in order to reside in Colombia.

In Bogota, he carries out different actions in the street, noticing dynamics and levels of imposition of wills between some members of the public space, new and different dynamics from what is known in Venezuela. With little time and resources to communicate a message. The only instrument available was the body itself.

In 2018, he held an expression workshop with the artist Nicolas Paris and the director Pedro Salazar at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota. And he takes up again the Buddhist tradition taught by his father.

Formalizing the street actions in a project of artwork, which recognizes the Venezuelan migrants who made life in Bogota’s bus rapid transit system before the pandemic : selling objects, changing tickets and food, or demonstrating skills. He gets a place in the residency program and artistic training focused on performance AMAZONAS, in FLORA Ars + Natura (2019), under the artistic direction of Maria Jose Arjona.

He currently lives and works in Bogota, thinking about how to insert the body in a new public space, composed by a collective consciousness in the fragility of life, and also who occupies this body, from the layers of content that make up an identity.

Photographs in collaboration with Rosley Labrador, Andrea Vargas Gaviria, Sebastián Gil.

Performers: Antón Ceballos, Melissa Pareja, Tata Hellmund.

Instagram: @antonceballos