Carelyn Daniela Mejias


Carelyn Daniela Mejías , 1991.

I come from the moving image, video and mixed media, I studied plastic arts at the Universidad Experimental de las Artes, UNEARTE, graduated in 2017. My approaches and processes with the family archive arise from 2015, with the absence of a family member as a trigger to understand or address the domestic photography as an object of study.

I currently reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with my migratory status, my concerns and questions as to family photography have been transformed and mutated.  I am interested in the family archive as a symbolic body, its object-body relationship, the double body that is produced once photographed, the need to safeguard the family memory through the archive, the body-territory, body-identity approached from the self-portrait. My work, which is purely autobiographical, moves with me, trying to reconstruct and not let a broken family memory be erased. Thus, I count on: a diasporic and maternal body, family photographs, a dispersed family, a disparate longitude and latitude and a deep gap.


Instagram :@eltiempodedaniela