Carlos Luis Sanchez Becerra


I was born in Maracaibo on July 18, 1987 at 11:00 a.m. to tachirense parents, one of the many reasons why I have felt different from the rest since I was a child, nothing more opposite than the people of these two regions. I have always been very introspective reason to make drawing a refuge, since I can remember I have practiced it almost daily. I studied Plastic Arts at the University of Zulia, where I also studied ballet, contemporary dance and theater. In 2012 in Caracas, I lived a few months in the The Circus National Foundation, where I lived with acrobats, jugglers and clowns from all over the country, whose aesthetics and philosophy of work marked my experimentation and creative education. I used to draw them while they were training, many I had met in Maracaibo when I was trying to develop my skills as a contortionist and my hyperlaxia.

During that time, while doing my solo exhibition Pulsiones Cotidianas at La ONG, I discovered the comics of Robert Crumb and Charles Burns, thanks to Gala Garrido and her store “Love and Rockets”. That year I made my first comic book called La Vida Postmoderna de Tar Majenye, which was the only Venezuelan work included in 2017 in the anthology of Latin American comics entitled El volcan and created by the Argentinean publisher Musaraña Editores. It was presented in most of Europe and Latin America with English and French subtitles.  Today I live in Carora, a small city in the state of Lara where I have had my workshop since 2014. Here I work on my drawings and paintings, alternating their development with that of other forms of expression such as literature, video art, comics, theater and music.  I believe in art as a way to personal growth, inner freedom and existential enjoyment.


Instagram: @Majenye