Carlotta Aoun


Carlotta Aoun explores the (in)materiality of technology as it progressively blends in with organic structures. Often research based, her work combines fine art techniques with scientific experimentation and technology (digital, net and/or analog) to provide a visual or interactive experience and unlock the viewer’s mind to other realities, possibilities or dimensions.

Her research focuses on topics such as:
-Interfaces: as planes of mutual understanding between the human and the machine. As porous boundaries that divide and merge two worlds that permeate into each other, allowing the possibility for different processes to affect our body, our psyche, the interface and/or the digital itself.
-Fragmentation: the distortion resulting from a repetitive translation from continuity (organic) to discontinuity (digital) and the bridge between realities.
-Web 2.self: the ego feedback loop, a tool of fragmentation, individualization and control.
-Spirituality: where does it stand within the non-human? How does it evolve with technologies, and what does it mean for technology past the human component?
-Beyond: the human possessed and consumed by technology to become a mutated reality. The self-OS: when we become the software. But also, what lies past the human and how does technology affect other organisms?

Carlotta was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1991. After studying Fundamental Physics in the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) in Paris she applied to the MFA Design and Technology at Parsons – The New School from which she graduated in May 2017.