Daniella Barbarito

My name is Daniella Barbarito, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela (1992) and I currently live in Madrid.

My work stems from the curiosity towards the relationship between the human body, as the primitive medium by excellence, and the Other, as the opposite of the Self. The phenomena derived from this interdependence creates an aesthetic atmosphere in which questions about gender, androgyny and femininity are essential, as well as the plastic and poetic possibilities that are found in the limits of international and symbolic interaction with the spaces I inhabit.

In constant dialogue with dance and theater, photography has become the logbook of nomadism, the language with which to tell the story of constant flight and the endless search for home and identity. The image, and especially the self-portrait, has been the ritual of conquest and recognition of all the houses that have sheltered me.

I am the witch woman who conjures the return to her own entrails.


Instagram : @daniellabarbarito