Edgar Martinez


Edgar Martínez (1986), lives and works in Caracas. Graduated from the school of visual communication and design Pro Diseño in 2011. Independently develops long term photographic projects of a social nature; collaborated in photo-reports for the organization Fundahígado, dedicated to the care of patients with liver disease; assisted the Venezuelan photographer Jorge Andrés Castillo in the course of photography at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela; and was a lecturer at the school of visual communication and design Pro Diseño.  His work is included in “10×10`s CLAP! Contemporary Latin American Photobooks, 2000-2016”, a collection of 10×10 Photobooks; he has participated in group exhibitions in Caracas; was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass of World Press Photo (2018); and collaborated in socio-cultural projects, such as “Plan B – Caracas Ciudad de Salida” (2019) which is part of “Making Heimat. Arrival Country”, organized by the Goethe Institute, where through different artistic disciplines the local impact of migration in different cities of the world is studied.

Instagram: @ragdezenitram

Photography: ©Izumi Takahashi & ©Edgar Martínez.
Design: Izumi Takahashi & Edgar Martínez.
Pages: 44.
Measurements: 22 x 30,5 cm.
Paper: Saima Antique 80gr.
Caracas, 2019