Eduardo Bol


Eduardo Bol Pereira, Caracas, March 25th, 1988.

The scrutiny of his brain, his twists and turns, his intestines and everything he is able to imagine, are the raw material of Bol’s painting, he does not present an order or a single orientation, rather he walks as if lost; hence the language of what he paints is wide and open in different directions. However, it always ends up on the same path: a wide world that ends up being conjured up in a mythical, spiritual and surreal land. A world full of dreams and hallucinations. It is an astral travel trying to express itself on a two-dimensional space that pushes for going out and taking the elements. They are intimate and at the same time eccentric paintings that are located between the limits of magic and the ancestral, coming to life and collecting checks.

The hidden messages, the codices and the search for some philosophical background are nothing but an intellectual presumption, dogmatic trinkets, to try to avoid the challenge. It is an answer to the instinctive need of understanding the stimulus; of feeling in control. And after the struggle, after the weaving, the work does not give up one iota of its ground.

Actually, these works could not be clarified, since they do not seek to give you an answer or show you some riddled secret, the secret is already there, and they live among the searches and the encounters, and even if you think you will find with certainty an explanation to these worlds, no, forget it, you will see that more and more questions arise, because in them you will never see a result. Here the goal is not to arrive, but to paralyze and to pierce.

Instagram: @Bolpereira