Fabio Rincones


Fabio Rincones

Between East and West, the multidisciplinary visual artist Fabio Rincones, who was born in Barcelona, Edo. Anzoátegui, Venezuela in 1987.

He is a superior technician in graphic design; he carried out intensive studies in the workshop of the sculptor Eduardo Vargas Mirabal from Anzoátegui and he studied some years the career of architecture in the University of Oriente. He has exhibited his work individually on four occasions, in addition to participating in various group exhibitions in Venezuela, Argentina and Costa Rica.

Rincones is one of those artists that goes beyond the introspective processes of the human being and the mere observation.  He explores the ways to combine matter, essence and art through his vision that sculpture could be thought of as a mundane extension of the body that exposes social life.

The strategies of representation used by Rincones return us to the anthropological idea of contextualizing the “objects” where human action occurs. In a way, their works transit in a liminal space of creation with a certain performatic content, where the object weaves networks of meaning that connect us not only with the imaginary and the real, but also lead us to reflection, reminding us that the artist and his work are one more agent through which the world takes on meaning.

Text: Deyanira García.

Fabio Rincones goes into entropy, which according to its Greek origin means transformation, turn, return or evolution. This idea, linked to the study of physics, allows Rincones to integrate the fragmented human body to apparently primary constructions such as the wall, thus creating order-chaos tension. The idea of degradation as a result of natural processes is present in his sculptural project through mutilation. On the other hand, in his proposal he incorporates a head to a Möbius band, raising the cyclical nature of ontological processes.

Text: Thelma Carvallo

Instagram: @Frinconesg