Gabriel Lozada

Gabriel Lozada (Barinas, State of Barinas. 1992).


Thesis student at the School of Architecture at the University of Los Andes. His research and concerns range from reflection on the position of the individual as a channel of symbols and meanings to interpret his reality-context and his connections with others, to the contemplation and interpretation of forces between territories, obtaining in the process materialized dynamics or expressed through metalanguages, in which media and materials are explored. The creation of image, narrative, object, space as a point/place of encounter and contrast. He begins his work in the exhibition Los del Espacio, Espacio Proyecto Libertad (Merida, 2020).

Since 2010 he has been frequenting spaces where the main axis is the exploration, discussion and transmission of knowledge about art. He currently attends The New Materiality course directed by the curator and architect Julio Lubo. He is co-founder of the design and research group AG Space Studio.

Instagram: @gaborak