Because we are a NGO (non governmental organization) we need other sources of funding. We are able to do our work thanks to the support from a lot of people around the world who help us fund our projects. We invite you to make a donation and join us on our important mission towards cultural movement in Venezuela.

Donate Now!

If you wish make a donation now, you can do it directly through Paypal by clicking the “Donate Now” button below. We thank you before hand for this big gesture!

Online Campaigner

Help us spread the word and share this website with your network. This way more and more people would be able to help as well.

Community Fundraiser

Throw a party or any kind of event to get funds for TheONG. Tell your friends and family! Any help is very grateful, remember, sadly our currency is very devaluated…but in this case it help us multiply your donation, no matter how small!

Donate your birthday!

Don’t feel like having another birthday party? Donate your next birthday and help change lives through culture in Venezuela.

How does it work? – Ask all your friends and family to donate to TheONG as a birthday present to you. We’ll use these donations for specific projects and to improve our infrastructure, and so they know exactly how they will make a impact we’ll send them pictures of the progress they are helping to build, from start to finish!

To get involved in any of these ways please fill out the following form:

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