Hugo Palmar

August 29, 1977, Ojeda City, Venezuela.
Self-taught artist, with studies in law, community museology and critical theory.

He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

The problems of power and its structures as well as the emotional, social and symbolic consequences that they inject into the individual, are the fundamental thread of his proposal. He is interested in exploring the tensions between subjectivity, power and dependence, its multiple folds: symbolic, social, affective, political, bodily.

From drawing to installation, the use of materials such as oil (petroleum), sounds, files, videos, the use of objects, collages, paintings or actions, his work invites us to reflect on a condition that, although subjective, is spatial, sensory and plural, fusing the personal with the collective, inviting the viewer to reveal different layers of meaning related to desire, identity, subordination, precariousness, love, loneliness, sexuality or the absurd.

Palmar’s work has been exhibited in cities such as Maracaibo, Caracas, Aruba, Ciudad Bolívar, Sao Paulo, Córdoba, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Tilburg, Washington DC and Paris.