José Chirino Cuba

José Chirino Cuba is a visual artist, with a body of work largely shaped by photography, but his understanding of how to create atmospheres, moods and narratives comes largely from his love of film.

Producing images that evoke movement, rhythm and small imaginary dialogues, his photos are presented as small scenes from films that don’t exist, or at least not yet. His universe is full of portraits of family, friends, strangers and essays on universal feelings that easily catch the eye of those who dare to look at them, his photographic study is mainly inclined to the harshness of time over spaces, his love letters to the ocean, the meaning of home and the idea of losing it.

His work has been exhibited in small galleries and digital publications in Latin America. He currently resides in Mexico City, exploring new ways of storytelling, unhurried, projects that last for years and cross each other like tectonic layers.


Instagram : @josechirinocuba