José Vivenes

Reflects the workshop process resizing the pictorial aspect of painting that seeks to strengthen the artistic practice in a universal look through the image. Taking interest in investigating the social, political and cultural actions of contemporary man who does not abandon the animal that inhabits us, the memory, the memory of the object found and the belongings/absences of the geographical environment.

Vivenes assumes painting as a means of communication, not only to express himself but also to reflect on social circumstances. It is the visual fable of the modern savage and his actions before the reality of the beginning of the 21st century and its inheritance. In early 2015 he received honorable mention in the 12+1 edition of the Eugenio Mendoza Award, for his proposal Basta de falsos héroes, which is a fragmented reading of images that are deified through visual discourse. It is the demystification of the patriotic character, the criticism of the controlling discourse for glorifying the heroic image of a character that disguises it under an ideological political discourse. It is the investigation of the discourse through the image and its new social archetypes for Historia de una Infamia, individual where sarcasm, irony, satire and grotesque play a fundamental role in each composition and new exhibition proposals such as Felonía that evokes kitsch compositions reflecting the historiographic interference and the harshness of contemporary society. In Doblepensar, his most recent exhibition project is born from annotations, sketches and visual reflections on the demagogic pedantry of the so-called Socialism of the XXI century, which manages the collective demoralization through submission, marginalizing ethics from the veneration of false heroes. They are visual metaphors surrounded by a plastic game that also arises from painting, it is a contaminated painting, it is the extra-pictorial in silkscreen, woodcut and engraving by repeating the image exhausting compositional options in the print. They are three-dimensional objects and forms open to visual speculation. 



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