AMATEUR / Juan Camilo García


I was born in Caracas, in the clinic El Avila, on September 15, 1978, 15 days later I was taken to live in Colonia Tovar, there I grew up and was primarily educated, then I returned to the city, I attended the Liceo Andres Bello and Nerio’s billiards, I trained as an architect at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, currently I teach the course Theory of Architecture (Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning – UCV) to students in the second semester, in parallel I direct the multidisciplinary workshop Amateur TM in the same city.

Objetos Vacíos / Empty Objects / Intervention in lost objects by copying their shapes, codes and surfaces

There are objects that do not exist, that are there only in force, in marble, in wood or in a piece of expanded polystyrene, that is how we embark on this study about the void and its relations with the object. Where is the obverse of things, in what position they should go, this side up, hanging on the wall or placed on a pedestal.

Loss becomes a fertile field to discover absences, these pieces try to rescue in a dreamlike way those forms that are floating in that vast universe of the hidden, of the unnoticed. Packages, garbage, codes, essences. Numbers, symbols, letters. Message

Absence becomes stone, the liquid concrete extends to the last crack, solidifying a form lost since its genesis, that emptiness that once embraced the objects of high consumption, manufactured with the bowels of the planet, now manifests itself in body, texture and shadow.

These are this group of sculptures (installations) that we call Empty Objects, ruins of a probable future, technocratic fossils, which represent a critique of the linear model of production and thought of the modern world, delving into its contents and its waste. With the purpose of transforming or at least distorting their meanings.

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