Kyril Elneser

Born on May 28, 1993 in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui.

Kyril Elneser is dedicated to audiovisual and musical production since 2011. By 2016 he moves to Caracas where he developed his skills in these areas. He studied at the National Film School and developed music production workshops.

He presents two musical projects:

Ache” an EP of digital/ambient/instrumental music, composed between 2016 and 2020, which seeks to turn the space into atmosphere of nostalgia, childhood and memory, accompanied by a proposal and visual concept. In collaboration with visuals by Adriana Carrero (@maria.delas.flores), Venezuelan audiovisual producer.

His second and current project is “NIKITA”.  An album of 15 songs of alternative urban genre. Composed between 2020 and 2021, Nikita relies on a rhythmic, storytelling and black humor proposal. It brings to life a confused, repressed, immature and spoiled person who seeks to justify his existence. In collaboration with Fabio Rincones (@unrincones), Venezuelan visual artist, who created the artwork for the album. Also with Samuel Ballesteros (, Venezuelan musician, who composed the instrumentals of a song of NIKITA.


His work is published through SoundCloud, BandCamp and Youtube platforms, and promoted through Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram : @kyrilelneser