Lusimar Torrealba


Lusimar Torrealba, Venezuela (06-02-1992) Bachelor of Arts (2019-2014 UCLA, Venezuela).

My artistic work is materialized in a project called Vivero. In it, each piece or series I make begins with a game of understanding or processing of my daily life, the interest is that a gesture, natural or critical, instinct, animal or erotic, becomes a pregnant image that invites to recognize me and also to address broader ideas.

The connection between various media and elements is of great importance for the configuration of the parts. Assimilating the overwhelming load of tools that an individual receives nowadays, and understanding that their interpretation does not necessarily have to be a linear or absolute interaction, because there is now the possibility of connecting exponentially, creating increasingly diverse relationships that respond more closely to our concerns.

Currently, Vivero has been transformed into a house of cultivation of series, where I research on how to transfer the research to digital media, as well as the intervention of urban space and fashion.

Instagram: @vi_ve_ro