María Antonia Rodríguez


María Antonia Rodríguez Born in Buenos Aires in 1975, she grew up in Venezuela. She received a degree in architecture in 1997 at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and went to live in New York City in 2000, where she worked as an architect, while studying photography, visual arts and interactive design at the International Center of Photography and Pratt Institute. Back in Venezuela in 2003 she actively participated in the work of La ONG- Nelson Garrido Organization, founded by photographer Nelson Garrido as a school of photography and a space for multidisciplinary and experimental art. She has studied over the years with Susan Kleckner , Edward Tufte , Marcos López , Joan Fontcuberta and Carlos Amorales . Her work uses photography, performance and collage to address the modern image and heroic gesture in relation to the female stereotype and the domestic.


Instagram : @maitorod