María Niño


María Niño

San Cristóbal 1988.

I enjoy putting your grandparents in erotic situations, making you uncomfortable but making you laugh a little too.

I use visual elements that refer to tenderness and femininity, working with different disciplines and materials to talk about subjects that are a bit difficult to digest; we don’t like to be reminded of what we are made of.

        “Maria Niño delves into the private sphere through representations that are conducive to punishment and censorship, immersed in the double standard that Western society has promulgated throughout history. The execution of her works reminds us of Lucien Freud (and Sigmund, in the depths) and introduces a voyeuristic element, describing features that could be paraphilic in the field of psychiatry, but that in the final perception when the artist incorporates a subtle phrase, she provokes a playful and loving denouement.

       Niño shakes up the concept of “political correctness” in terms of gender and sexual identity, with a series of neo-expressionist portraits and sculptures of older adults in intimate episodes, which end up disturbing the most conservative viewers.”

Extract from APOSTROPHY, critical notes from the academy to the contemporary – Thelma Carvallo

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