María Solias


María Solias
Táchira, venezuela. 1991.

My research process starts from the crying, its poetics, its connection with the feminine identity, the narrative function in my image creation process and finally, my interest in the book as a support; exploring the possibilities of the book through that space of dialogue that is generated between these curious objects, the integration of its contents and the reader, without any of them being able to exist outside the other.  Working with figurative images allows me to evoke in the reader certain affections, I have the need to generate empathy, tenderness, nostalgia in him. I want the reader, from what I offer, to be able to find within his own memories new images, to think about his grandmother, his mother, his toys, the house where he lived his childhood. My intention in illustrating is to show different stories from my personal imagination. It is through painting that I manage to connect my interests. At least for me, it has poetry, a very melancholic way of showing. It is a slow, quiet, extremely satisfying process where spot by spot I can build little worlds. My behavior with respect to color is both connotative and subjective, I am moved by the non-descriptive meanings that my figuration may have through the stain, as color refers to the different impressions it emanates and how it may affect the reader’s feeling.  My work does not aim at much more, it is my selfish desire to create.