Nicole Crespo


The search for a mistake or a body to be visually attractive, not because of its beauty but because of its presence characterizes Nicole Crespo’s work.

The aim is a visual impact where the spectator gets himself in a point of strangeness that disturbs but attracts. The proposal is articulated from the study of the bodies and their possibilities of movement, the tired, strange postures, the performance, using video, photography and digital media as possible means of representation. This study fulfills a chronology which later will take the space where the body is located and what is in it, even taking elements that may seem obsolete and unnecessary from the colors and textures to the places and forms and thus become production resources endowed with plasticity and be conceived as “Aesthetic Objects” when grouped.

The collage now becomes the main technique of production with the particularity of pretending an organic composition but appearing the artificial making special emphasis in the disposable, deadly object that expires and its aesthetic possibilities.

Instagram: @cresponicole