Pedro Marrero


torojones (Pedro Marrero) Caracas, 1984.

I studied at the School of Arts of the Universidad Central de Venezuela. My main tools are drawing and words. My exploration of the human figure revolves around the bodies that are unquestioning about gender, urbanity and health, what Michel Foucault calls control over the body. I try to generate an environment in which plurality, animality, sexuality and dysfunctionality reign, pulsing under the fictions and pretensions of the species. My most usual theoretical queries are between crypt theory, which proposes to assume the “disability(ies)” from an identitary and contestatory position, and psychoanalysis in its Jungian aspect, which identifies in our complexes a mythical substratum that, in my opinion, reflects our inability to imagine another human condition than the corporal and anthropomorphic one.  In the words of the French anthropologist and sociologist David Le Breton: “the human condition is a corporal condition”.

Instagram: @torojones_