Raúl Rodríguez


Raúl Rodríguez, 1994. La Victoria, Venezuela. 

Performance artist, with an interest in the body and the presence of the being, takes the body as a research laboratory with its space, environment and context of interaction; The identity and the devirtuation of it, the emancipation and the power are the high points of constant manifest. Based on investigative experimentation, it develops its work -contextual art-. Actional gestuality, which leads to create in different formats such as ephemeral art, performance, sound art, video art, photography, objects and installations and experiences. Rodriguez, states: “The only record of my work is the memory and the impact on the memories”.

His work has been exhibited in different countries such as: Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, United States, Finland, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine and Venezuela. He is also co-director of Portaespacios: Project Workshop, an organization that promotes art, architecture and design.

Web: https://cargocollective.com/RaulRodriguez/RARO

Instagram: @raulrodriguezart