Ruda Echeverría


Coming from a ballet dancer mother and choreographer father who traveled the world exhibiting their work, Ruda had an international education, spending his early years drifting between Milan, Rio de Janeiro and New York until the family decided to settle in Caracas, Venezuela. Perhaps unwittingly rebelling against the artistic background in which he grew up, he decided to study law and went on to practice as a sports lawyer for a few years before starting the Animal Tropikal clothing line, an experience that opened up a world of possibilities.

After flirting with pattern design, screen printing, ceramic sculpture and photography, Ruda recently focused his creative interests on the new and ugly, an artistic language he develops daily to create a place where adult experiences converge with a condition he describes as “arrested development”. In his creation, the aesthetic appearance is overshadowed by the conceptual discourse, which he displays in a wide variety of media that he claims not to have fully mastered.

Through painting, illustration, collage, ceramics, video art, and photography, Echeverria’s work remains colorful and playful, while making satirical reference to subjects that are at least uncertain. Ruda lives in the absurd world of collectables, cartoons, memes and sports, enjoys despair and meaninglessness in his literature and songs, and deals with relationships, sexuality, work, gender roles and death.

Instagram :  @ruda.weirldwide