Sergio Azuaje


Sergio Azuaje was born in 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2011 he graduates as a medium technician in pure arts at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts.

During these years he begins to form his vision of the city, takes long walks in the city from the center to the hills of Caracas, takes photographs and does prints in the analog lab of the Roberto Mata School and regularly visits the library of the Nelson Garrido Organization (La ONG).

In 2013 he is accepted to study at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He becomes part of Marc Pataut and Patrick Faigenbaum’s studio. He travels and photographs the outskirts of Paris to understand this city. In 2015 he started to make a photographic project with Marc Pataut in the hospital of Crêteil in Île de France, every week they made artistic workshops with schizophrenic patients of the psychiatric hospital.

In 2015, with Marc Pataut and the artists of his workshop he travels to Athens, Greece. He decides to walk from Athens to two of the most ancient Athenian destinations, first to the sea, to Piraeus and then to the land, to the city of Eleusis, 20km from Athens, the city where the mysteries of Eleusis took place. On these two roads, he photographs the city, the remains of the past and the landscape.

For Azuaje Sergio, his artistic activity is an experience of life and death, reflecting the humanity of the earth and everything that gives evidence of its existence, of its trace. These images are captured in long walks and periods of experimentation of the road, letting time act on his vision of everything. His work explores humans and their traces, the testimony of those human traces that are found on the margins of cities and society, not only psychically but also metaphorically.

Instagram :@sergioazl1