Valentina Alvarado Matos


Through a multidisciplinary artistic practice, Valentina Alvarado Matos (Maracaibo, 1986) explores the hybridization of the diverse plastic languages she uses -collage, ceramics, photography and analogical film- to elaborate discourses linked to memory and identity displayed in unfinished geographies. Her work establishes a dialogue where the poetic and the political form an important part of her artistic proposal. She graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Zulia, where she was a professor in the Faculty of Experimental Arts, and moved to Barcelona in 2014, where she is does a Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Barcelona.

She has participated in various group exhibitions between Maracaibo, Caracas, Barcelona, Berlin, Miami and London.

Historial de navegación was her first individual (Backroom Caracas, 2014). In 2016 she participates in the exhibition El pueblo – Searching for Contemporary Latin America at the Oberhausen Festival (Germany).

Her film pieces have been presented at festivals such as S(8) Cinema Mostra Periférico, L’Alternativa, Antimatter Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Festival Punto de Vista, among others.

In 2017 she obtains the Guasch Coranty Foundation scholarship. She also does the Medium Cycle of Ceramic Decoration in the Scola D’Art L’Industrial. In early 2020 she travels to Canada as part of a film residency at Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto in collaboration with the S(8) festival and ACE Cultural.

Currently studying for a doctorate in Advanced Studies in Artistic Production at the University of Barcelona.

Instagram : @valentinalvarado