Wiki Pirela

Afro-descendant artist who explores the domestic space and migration through her artistic work. Graduate in Visual Arts (Unearte, Caracas, 2016), she has participated in different exhibitions in Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.
She is a member of Comunidad Maña, a collective dedicated to creative writing and Alteración de Tonos, a laboratory focused on the exploration of contemporary art.

About my artistic work
Since i was born i lived in a favela (hill) in Caracas until i migrated, the doubts and reflections that have arisen about my domestic space have mutated due to the change of environment that came forcibly when i moved to another country, now i find myself in a limbo between two spaces, my first home, where i maintain a strong sense of belonging and a new, unknown space, in which i try to fit in. The artistic process has evolved and matured along with the diaspora, the relocation begins to be an activator of old images.

I use questions and answers on the ongoing journey, to raise new flags in foreign lands that become my habitat, trying to relate the drastic change that the journey entails and the effects it brings to the body.

Does the first space cease to be present?
How does relocation affect the nostalgia of the migrant body?

These questions lead me to search for escape routes that allow me to leave reality, generating captions with numbers and key words that provide possible answers, for a personal understanding of the space and its content. By intervening in public spaces, assemblage and drawings, among other tools, I continue to develop my work.

Initially I ventured to show what happens inside a reduced space where coexistence becomes drastic due to the precarious conditions of a dwelling. Now, I observe the sum of a marginalised context where excesses have been normalised and where a reality as vivid and raw as the peripheries of my hometown does not come to light.


Instagram: @wikipirela