Yaneth Rivas


We woke up, opened our eyes and from that moment on we found ourselves included and surrounded by thousands of objects of mass consumption; and by the triggers that led us to “choose” one object over another. We build a reality based on the acquisition and desire of mass objects and we configure the world through them, objects that, when moving away from pragmatic and tacit functionality, cling to the symbolic function, to build the representations of identities from differences, always sponsored, determined and framed in the cultural industry. The research that sustains my plastic work investigates how, from the messages emitted and reiterated by the mediating institutions, the subject derives to pseudo-individualism, assuming himself as a consumer and as a product. I intend to activate in the receiver a sense of questioning before the influence of the cultural industry, as a model of the devastated individual in uniformity.

Instagram : @carteldecaracas