Alba Feito

Alba Feito (Asturias, Spain) studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and later a Master in Contemporary Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In addition to her studies, her artistic practices have been shaped by her collaboration in collective cultural projects. Several of these projects in which she actively collaborated were Jornadas Mutantes, a festival that tackled the processes of mutation from multiple artistic perspectives, born out of the protests against the abortion law in Spain, Horriblemente Humano, a fanzine publishing project that she and her partner Raul Q de Orte created to self-published in various forms, NENAZAS fanzine and feminist performance group that took along with several partners, FLIA independent book fair in which she participated in its organization during 5 editions, Imprenta col·lectiva de Can Batlló political and self-managed printers of Can Batlló an important neighborhood center of Barcelona.

Currently working in the community management of La Escocesa, an open factory of analogical creation in Barcelona.

Her artistic practice is drawing, as a symbolic exercise of communication. The project that shaped her current relationship with drawing was Un dibujo al día a personal exercise where for one year she made a drawing every day, this culminated in a solo exhibition at “Lata de Zinc” a self-managed cultural space in Asturias.

She has collaborated in many of her own and collective fanzines. From which we will rescue the comic book La Casa Menguante where she entered the world of graphic narration with the script of Patricia Fort.

Her work as a fanzine writer is collected in the collective publication Fanzine Grrrls. Within her broad conception of drawing, her practice as a ceramist also comes in, which over the years has been gaining space in her production, with which drawings take on the third dimension.

Her drawings have illustrated magazine articles such as La Maleta de PortBou and book covers such as Cultura de la Violación. She has participated in her first short animation film by director Carme Gomila Oro Rojo, a documentary that delves into the forms of racial oppression in the Spanish strawberry fields.

Her works have participated in several collective exhibitions: La noche del cuerpo, Herselves, Políticas del suelo, Páginas Amigas, Hacer Hueco.

She has given drawing workshops in Tabakalera in Donosti, MACBA in Barcelona and LA Naves in Valencia.

Instagram: @alba.feito