Alba Galicia

My name is Alba and I was born in 1996 in Sabadell, a city in Barcelona where I currently live.

In 2016 I finished a cycle of illustration at Escola Illa (in the same city). Since then I have been trying several disciplines, the following year I was in a ceramics workshop at the same school. Then in 2017 I had the pleasure of being able to experiment in a small club, called Cronopios, an improvisation theater workshop. As a result of that workshop, I discovered that creative possibilities always lead to unknown, new paths and to me, it makes me feel very fortunate to be able to walk along them. Since then I have been exploring language, images… whether through a pencil, a few words, a piece of dirt made mud, etc., I always find something that pushes me to create.

Last year (2020) my first illustrated album “TAO” was published with elpoblet publishing house. For this year I have started several projects among which are the Ritual Dolls. What I do with art is to allow myself to do it, to know myself through its process, that’s why I guess, it’s hard for me to make a biography of it, because everything happens constantly without stopping and I, in order to create, spend most of my time walking, eating, laughing, resting, talking… breathing.


Instagram: @albagalicia_