Beatriz Dubois

Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991) is a visual artist and reflects on the relationship of the individual with the outside and with himself, identity, dualities and analogies; all this using photography and paper in mixed media works, investigating the use we make of images and how we look for ourselves or see ourselves in them.

Her work is part of important private collections such as the Himalaya Collection, Campocerrado Collection, Alicia Aza Collection or H.E.F. Collection, among others ; and has been exhibited in more than a dozen solo and group exhibitions in cultural centers such as Feria Estampa (Madrid, 2021), WeCollect (Madrid, 2020 and London, 2019), Casa de Indias (Cádiz, 2020), Al Shindagha Museum (Dubai, 2019), Museo de la Pasión (Valladolid, 2018), or the art and antiques fair FERIARTE (Madrid, 2017).


Instagram: @b__triz