Carla Cànovas Puigmartí

Carla Cànovas Puigmartí (Barcelona, ​​1995).

Currently in her first year of the SOMA Educational Program (Mexico).

Member of Grup d’Estudi and founder of the radical naïf project of Carmel accessories. Graduated in Arts and Design at Escola Massana-UAB (Barcelona), with a period at LUCA School of Arts (Belgium). Member of the publishing house of contemporary graphic work Tinta Invisible from 2017 to 2020.

She develops her artistic practice in the field of publishing, performative action and video. She combines audiovisual production with essays. She realizes projects such as “Laissez faire et laissez passer” (Antwerp, 2019) at FOMU, Adéu (Barcelona, 2017) at Espai 2 of Àngels Barcelona gallery, or “00:00:00” (Barcelona, 2015) at NauArt.

In 2015 she becomes part of the Exoteric Department; research and self-training group resident at MACBA. In 2017 she carries out internships in ‘múltiplos’; bookstore and distributor of artistic publications, reinforcing her interest in publishing as a deinstitutionalized artistic medium. In this sense she carries out proposals that focus on the critical analysis of the art system, such as ‘Update’ and ‘LAM’.

She is currently working on projects that focus on the study of the behavioral structures of contemporary society, such as “Y tal.” edited by Do The Print or “Els adormits”. A selection of the works were shown in his solo exhibition 1346* (2019) at Tinta Invisible.


Instagram: @carlacanovasp // @wearecarmel