Eva Gräbeldinger


Eva Gräbeldinger, born in Augsburg/Germany 1987, did a BA degree in Communication Design and worked as a branding and graphic designer.

In 2017 she moved to Leipzig and is doing her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. This is where she first met Malwine Stauss, Franz Impler and Lina Ehrentraut, her very sweet and important friends.In June 2019 she got an official letter by SQUASH, which made her part of the inspiring and terrific SQUASH-team.

Eva does paintings, some writing, lithography, woodcut, risography, mini-zines, objects and paintings on textile/fashionpieces. Her works are mostly related and refer to each other. As mixed-media-story-complexes they tell stories and thoughts about identity, self reflection and social issues, often narrated by animals or fantastical not-from-this-world creatures.