Julián Canelo

Julián Canelo. Cáceres (Spain). 1996. He explores, from a very early age, the need to plastically capture his reality, the images drawn on the dark screen of closed eyes, his intimacy, always linked to art, music and poetry. He dedicates his youth to training in academic drawing, painting and engraving techniques, graduating in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid to later pursue his master’s degree in Idea and Artistic Production at the University of Seville, combining these disciplines with the learning of other disciplines such as Scenography and Art Direction or tattoo techniques. His graphic journey aims to create hybrids using plastic techniques, primarily analog, which underlie the hidden concerns of the human spirit. Illustration, intervened photography and analogical techniques such as cyanotype, which dance among the matter that is the dark valley of the primitive psyche, observing and studying concepts such as life and death, loneliness, love and melancholy. The narration of a story of its own that, while endowed with the intimacy of a diary, forms the celestial map filled with all the constellations that govern the sky common to all creatures.


Instagram: @juliancanelo