Julián Pesce

Born on March 25, 1988 in the city of Buenos Aires, where he lives and works. Graduated in Electronic Arts, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

He studied Drawing at the UNA for two years, and was trained in the workshops of Oscar Smoje, Jorge G. Perrin, Ernesto Pesce, Dolores Casares, Diana Aisenberg, Manuel Ameztoy, Manuel Ameztoy. He received a scholarship from Proyectarte and Espacio de arte CROMOS. He worked as a graphic workshop assistant at Proyecto ́Ace, international artistic residencies.

He worked as a teacher at Colegio de la Ciudad and Flexible Laboratorio.

In 2013 he had his first solo exhibition at Centro Culrtural Recoleta, Prometeus room. The same year he received an honorable mention
at the 102nd National Visual Arts Salon, Palais de Glace.

He also participated in a Collective exhibitions at the Centro Cultural Borges, Argentine Consulate in New York, Aldo de Sousa Gallery,
Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Casa de Victoria Ocampo, Palermo H gallery, among others.

He works in Palmira studios, a space for artistic creation located in Buenos Aires.



Instagram: @julianpesce_peixe