Laia Arqueros

Laia Arqueros Claramunt (Almería, 1985).

A resident of Barcelona since 2008, she has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and specialized in visual storytelling between Brussels, La Escuela Massana and Eina in Barcelona. She develops her artistic activity between illustration, printmaking, ceramics, and multi-format and hybrid projects. Her research focuses on the dialogue between disciplines, gender perspective and experimentation.

As an illustrator she has worked with both national and international publishers and media (New York Magazine, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Penguin Random House, Lunwerg Editores, Editorial la Galera, La Bella Varsovia editorial or Norma Editorial. Her work has been exhibited in national (Almería, Granada, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao) and foreign (Holland, Mexico, Argentina, Canada) galleries and institutions.

Since 2018 she teaches as a lecturer in the field of publishing, graphic arts and expanded visual storytelling in the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Design at the Massana School in Barcelona.


Instagram: @laiaarqueros