Lina Ehrentraut


Lina Ehrentraut was born in Neuss, Germany in 1993.

She moved to Leipzig and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. There she became friends with three nice artists (Malwine Stauss, Eva Gräbeldinger y Franz Impler) and they became the SQUASH-collective.

Lina does comics, zines, painting, illustrations for magazines and fashion. She loves to work for print, but also does exhibitions. Sometimes alone and sometimes with her beloved SQUASH-team. In spring 2021 her first big comicbook will be published by the swiss publishing house „Edition Moderne“. Her works deals with the topics of feminism, social and emotional relationships and self-esteem issues. She mixes very regular life stories with science fiction elements. 

Instagram: @linaehrentraut / @squash_leipzig