Lou Chavepayre


23-year-old French-Swedish artist Lou Chavepayre was born with a motor disability.

She communicates with the help of a computer that she controls with her eyes, thanks to an eye-tracking system coupled to a synthesized voice. This device allows her to speak, write, paint and, more generally, serves as an interface with the outside world.

Despite these difficulties, Lou is a senior student at the Biarritz School of Fine Arts, where she explores different media, techniques and technologies (text, photo, video, molding, digital painting, etc.).


I play with the limits of life. Turn my pain into strength, rather than being a victim. Being part of the world and touching it. Mobilize all possible and unthinkable tools such as touch, matter, others and my desiring body. Using my size, the most important for me, I jump into the void. When I jump into the void, I finally have a body.


Instagram: @louchvpr