Lusesita / Laura Lasheras


Laura Lasheras (Calahorra, La Rioja, 1979) studied the superior grade in Artistic Ceramics at the school of arts and crafts in Zaragoza. She travelled to Barcelona in 2003 to complete her studies by taking courses in lathe, enamels and contemporary jewellery.

Ceramics. Art Brut. Surrealism. Tradition and modernity. Her work is evocative. She transforms glazed ceramics into pure poetry. An ancient material in impossible forms. It is pure feeling. She is inspired by personal experiences and by the experiences of the past. She is moved by ancient ceramics and African art. And that is why she claims that ceramics have allowed her to connect with her more primitive side. For her, everyone would have to work with their hands. She says it’s rewarding, liberating and very enjoyable. She also mixes ceramics with textile materials, she says because she is interested in the confrontation of materials. And she has exhibited in Paris, Tokyo, Miami, Washington, Seoul, Monterrey, Milan etc.

Laura has found in ceramics the language that best suits her expressive needs. With glazed ceramic figures and cotton bodies she narrates in a poetic key the vicissitudes of her life. The artisan work is inseparable from her condition as an artist. Lusesita unashamedly exhibits both explicit erotic scenes and mellow romanticism. She impels us to question our prejudices, navigating freely between refined pornography and eroticism, romanticism and kitsch.
Anna Adell

Lusesita is Laura Lasheras, one of the main ceramists of the Spanish scene. She works with ceramics in an experimental way, creating collections of objects and sculptures that play with the limit between the utilitarian and the conceptual, and that establish a very personal aesthetic vision: poetic and pastel but with a creepy point. Ruby Mag magazine

The artist manages to convey the feeling that the pieces have managed to emancipate themselves from the destiny for which they were conceived, like those great works of art that have acquired a challenging personality. The strength of Lusesita’s character, her endurance and resistance in defending her stylistic choice outside of cliques and decorations have built one of the most unique artistic corpus. Julio Hontana

Instagram: @lusesita