Maria Alcaide


María Alcaide (b. 1992, Spain) holds a MFA in Art and Design, although her work has been presented in research contexts like l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), the Universität Der Künste (Berlin) or the Complutense University of Madrid. 

She has participated in many group exhibitions and solo shows, the last one in Àngels Barcelona gallery. She also has shown his work in Helsinki (Muu Kaapeli), Berlin (ACUD, Fiber Festival) or San Francisco (EAS, Reed College) or Spain (Can Felipa, LOOP Barcelona, Fran Reus gallery or BlueProject Foundation). She has been awarded at Jeune Création Française and Salon de Montrouge 64 (Paris) and has also been artist-in residence in Berlin (Agora Collective), Leipzig (LeFugitif), the Western Sahara (Artifariti), among others. She currently lives and works in Barcelona, where she is artist-in-residence in Fabra i Coats-Sant Andreu Contemporani.

STATEMENT Everything is subject to change *.
I have assumed that I have no future and this is not bad for me because I don’t have to fall into the loop of previous patterns. My production is heterogeneous, nomadic and precarious.

I investigate the aesthetic and power relations that exist in my environment, giving visibility to the objects and people around me, materializing them through means such as installation or performance.

My methodology may approach anthropology in a certain sense, since it starts from a sense of estrangement, but far from taking an observant position I introduce my body as the central axis of my work. The plastic solutions I propose are generally somewhat dirty and strident, which may be a reflection of my class position.
*Or not.

Instagram: @ridimeid