Matías Krahn


Matías Krahn Uribe is a Chilean artist born in 1972 and based in Barcelona. Since he was one year old, when his family moved to Sitges, he has lived in Catalonia, the land that welcomes him and where he works. He has a degree and a doctorate cum laude in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

Matías Krahn’s trajectory to date boasts 25 years of intense professional life dedicated exclusively to painting, with more than thirty individual exhibitions in different countries, apart from collective ones and international fairs.

Whoever knows something of his trajectory will be able to observe the diversity of his creative journey. Each stage of his exploration has been intensely lived and experienced from an always sincere eagerness, in a search characterized by his freedom. In that sense he is not a regular artist, although if we look at him well: isn’t art a constant exploration? Matías Krahn cannot be pigeonholed nor does he pretend to be one. That is why he makes it difficult and, at the same time, easy. His territory is that of symbols, colors, painting and its subtle and real codes: painting as a window and also as a mirror between two worlds. The key: to open up to the journey he proposes to us. His art is medicine for the soul. His recent work is endowed with a force capable of altering the body, giving energy and allowing us to reconnect with life. It is not a false promise. The beauty of his paintings is the result of very intense processes of exploration of the personal and collective shadow. A couple of years ago we were able to see his work in La Llum Negra at the CCCB, which explored art in the secret traditions. His poetic world is not the result of chance. His art is marked by poetry and magic.


Instagram: @matiaskrahn_