Zsuzsi Palman


Zsuzsi Palman is a hungarian visual artist, graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2010, and currently works and lives in Danube Bend, Hungary with her family. 

She mostly makes collages, and mixed media artworks, and has had several solo and group exhibitions since 2010 – in Hungary and Europe.

The professional jury selected her as one of the mentees of the Budapest Art Mentor Program in 2020.

Her working method is strongly informed by an ecological consciousness; she tries to reduce the ecological impact of her art to the minimum.

Artist Statement

Creating art for me is like telling stories in an abstract visual way. All of my stories are about that moment, when we decide to come closer. To connect.

Having empathic and mindful connections with ourselves and each other is extremely important. Besides the basic and known social and psychological needs, the energy of a soulful connection could be a clear, powerful source and – at the same time – the place where art is born.

Instagram: @zsuzsipalmanartpath