Anaïs Boudot

Previous Next Born in Metz in 1984, Anaïs Boudot graduated from the École nationale supérieure de la photographie in 2010 and from Le Fresnoy in 2013. Her work focuses on the processes of image creation and the exploration of photographic …

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Raysa Fontana

Previous Next I’m Brazilian, born and currently living in Curitiba, a town one hour away from the Atlantic ocean. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to create things, whatever they may be. From growing beans in cotton to …

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José Vivenes

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Raúl Jiménez

Previous Next Raúl Armando Jiménez Jiménez Born in Mexico City in 1982. Graduated in Law from UNAM, he pursued his photographic education at the Academy of Visual Arts, where he graduated with a specialization in documentary and portrait photography. He …

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Elisabetta Balasso

Previous Next Elisabetta Balasso. Rome, Italy, 1965. Lives and works in Caracas. Venezuelan artist, writer and teacher, with a degree in Biology (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, 1996) and a master’s degree in Cultural Management (Universitat de Barcelona, 2001). She currently teaches …

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Beatriz Dubois

Previous Next Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991) is a visual artist and reflects on the relationship of the individual with the outside and with himself, identity, dualities and analogies; all this using photography and paper in mixed media works, investigating the …

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Kyril Elneser

Previous Next Born on May 28, 1993 in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui. Kyril Elneser is dedicated to audiovisual and musical production since 2011. By 2016 he moves to Caracas where he developed his skills in these areas. He studied at …

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Manuela Benaim

Previous Next Manuela Benaim. Caracas 1996.  Through the deconfiguration of the human anatomy, my proposal is to blur the division between the outer world and the inner world of each person. The result is a mix between the humanization of …

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Julián Canelo

Previous Next Julián Canelo. Cáceres (Spain). 1996. He explores, from a very early age, the need to plastically capture his reality, the images drawn on the dark screen of closed eyes, his intimacy, always linked to art, music and poetry. …

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Leia Goiria

Previous Next Leia Goiria Escandell (Mallorca, 1995) is a textile and visual artist formed in Barcelona. The central axes of my work are framed between textile art, feminisms, installation, performance and graphic languages. Based on a feminist methodology, I am …

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